Rifle Range News

Greetings members,

Please heed the following when utilizing the firing range:

  • When heading down range please use the racks provided for your firearms.  Firearms must be placed such that they are pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • A mechanical stop sign system has been put into the 25 yard range shed.  Please use the signage when heading down range.
  • Shooting must be done from the range sheds only.  Shooting from outside the sheds is not allowed.
  • Please place all casings in the appropriate buckets, and duds or misfires in the locked steel box in the 50/100 yard range shed.
  • Please pack out what you bring in.  No garbage, used targets or debris should remain at the range when you leave.
  • Only members may use the firing range.

Thank you,

PSC Directors