On January 3, 1921, the members of the Pittsfield Fishing Club voted to form the Pittsfield Sportsmen’s Club.  These forward looking sportsmen wanted to expand the scope of the original club to also include hunting, trapping and the conservation of our natural resources.  In 1964 the Club was incorporated to allow us to expand by owning property. We are a 501(c) 4 tax-exempt organization under federal law and a state recognized non-profit organization.

A Board of Directors and an Executive Committee conduct the Club’s business.  We hold monthly meetings to conduct the Club’s business and we encourage the members to attend these meetings and become actively involved in the Club.

The Club owns approximately 470 acres of land in near-by Lanesboro, Massachusetts.  We started, in 1985, with our first purchase of an old 225 acre woodlot from the Kelly Lumber Co. Through the years we have purchased 6 additional parcels of land. This land is for the exclusive use of our members.  We have a shooting range with positions at 25, 50, and 100 yards for rifle, pistol and shotgun (Please read and follow the Rules for using the range).  There is also a 14-position archery range.  We are continually working to improve the land for wildlife habitat by constructing brush piles and by planting hundreds of trees of several species scattered over the property.  Our Lanesboro property abuts the Pittsfield State Forest, which affords our members a very large hunting area.

We are affiliated with The Berkshire County League of Sportsmen’s Clubs, The Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council and GOAL.